How to Write an Inspiring “About Us” Page (Using the PAS Copywriting Formula)

52% audience tend to visit a company’s About page when they first land on the homepage. The PAS formula is a great way to make your “About Us” page stand out.

Do people even read About pages?

You bet!

More visitors will see your About page compared with any other page on your website. They are one of the factors that drive the highest possible ROI for you!

Your audience is often more interested in knowing about your team than reading about your products or services. Studies show that 52% audience tends to visit a company’s About page when they first land on the homepage.

What are the benefits of having a good About Us page?

  1. Builds a good brand story by skipping the business babble
  2. Show your achievements and build credibility
  3. Increases your SEO ranking

If you want to write an effective about page, you should know exactly what to write.

Most of us are guilty of writing tedious, convoluted About Us pages that make no sense. We all make mistakes, don’t worry. Do your best to improve your About page for your audience, not for Google.

The PAS formula is a great way to make your “About Us” page stand out.

The PAS formula works on these 4 steps:

Step 1: Assert the problem in no more than 3 sentences.

Step 2: Show how there are no solutions/solutions available that aren’t reliable or accurate.

Step 3: Introduce your product/service as the solution.

Step 4: Add social proof: testimonial, recent stats, total customers, online review, etc.

Take a look at this About Us page by Freshworks, for example of the PAS copy style:

About Us page by Freshworks

Points to remember while writing the About US page:

Mission Statement

Include a Mission Statement, goals, and objectives

Tap into your unique individuality! Tap into something your visitors will connect with. We’re all different, and we all have different influences. This might be an excellent idea for your About Us or Mission page.

Social Media

Link social media pages/PR articles/any other sites


People view these pages as the cornerstone of trust. So include product reviews, ratings, third-party rewards, awards, everything!


Add images and videos of your product, employees, events, pretty much anything that makes your brand look human.

You want to catch their attention right away, and what more effective way than by making it personal? Use first names (employee names if you only have a small team), your company’s name, and make it informal.


When you create an “About Us” page, use the personalisation principle and make it different and unique. Instead of saying: “We design websites,” say: “We design custom e-commerce websites for non-profit organisations using the WordPress platform.”

If you have businesses in different regions and cater to a worldwide audience, create About Us pages in other languages.

Call to Action

Include a Call to Action (preferably to Contact Us page)

Lastly, the About Us page is one of the essential tools for convincing prospective customers to convert to buyers, so it must be done right. It can’t be a list of your services and contact information; it must be about them— not your business.

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