Creating Urgency in Your Ad Copies to Increase Conversions

Adding urgency elements to your copies is an old copywriting formula. But it is still effective. With the customer’s attention span shrinking by the day, marketers need to be more creative about enticing them.

Using urgency in your copies

Add phrases like “Offer ends in 2 days,” “Last one day,” etc., to create a sense of urgency for the customer. Such terms increase your conversion rates by reminding customers that they need to act on your offer soon.

Don’t have a deadline for your offer? No problem! Use messaging like “Only for this week” or “Offer available for one more day” in a generic sense. These statements also prompt people to act on your copies.

Urgency can be created in any type of copy. Whether you are writing emails, or social media copies, or even blog headlines, creating urgency helps with conversions.

Focus on what your customers want rather than what you think they want. It is not always easy for people who have been in marketing for a long time, but it is critical for success.

Learn what prompts your target audience to take action and use it in your copies.



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Chandana Pitta

Chandana Pitta


Are you an introverted writer? This may be your place to be. Content Marketing Lead. Introvert. Tips on advertising, writing, and everything related.