From June 2022, you will only be able to create responsive search ads for Google AdWord campaigns. What does this mean to your business? How can you write the perfect responsive search ad copies? Let’s discuss responsive search ads, best practices for optimizing ad copies, and how to increase conversion rates.

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I must’ve written at least 50 responsive search ad copies for my company in the last two months. We run ads in different countries, including the US, UK, Germany, India, Thailand, and more!

Writing these tons and tons of copies helped me thoroughly understand Google’s responsive search ad campaigns. I…

A single glance at your cover image is enough for the audience to build their first impression. And what happens if that image doesn’t portray the right message? You lose your audience before they even start reading. So, here are a few tips that help you choose the perfect cover images.

The cover image is your first shot at gaining good impressions from your audience.

But before you jump into your database of stock photos and pick random images, take a step back! Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this image relate to your target audience?
  • What does it say about your…

Even in 2021, Hollywood movies and series are still getting Feminism wrong. Evidently, all the articles, podcasts, and interview pieces didn’t help! And this isn’t specific to male writers. Unfortunately, even female writers falter when it comes to projecting Feminism on screen.

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The representation of Feminism in movies is not done the right way. Most of the time, they are cliches and redundant.

Representation of Feminism in literature and art has gone through many changes in the past few years. But Hollywood has only managed to provide one type of Feminism they…

Urgency as a copywriting element fits well with social media ads. Adding urgency to your social media ad copies helps increase conversion rates. In this article, we will explore how to create urgency in your copies.

Adding urgency elements to your copies is an old copywriting formula. But it is still effective. With the customer’s attention span shrinking by the day, marketers need to be more creative about enticing them.

Using urgency in your copies

Add phrases like “Offer ends in 2 days,” “Last one day,” etc., to create a sense…

I was the Copywriter for an E-Commerce Hair & Skin Care company, and this simple change to all the images and videos we used for Facebook Ads increased our CTR and RoAS by a huge margin. I will talk about the changes we made and show you the before v/s after images.

You know David Ogilvy.

And if you are from the marketing industry, I am sure you’ve heard of his Confessions Of An Advertising Man. If not, here’s a little information and my review of the book.

In his book, Ogilvy mentions that he’s baffled by other Copywriters’ decision to put…

Right! So here are my brutally honest reviews and opinions about popular sitcoms Millennials enjoyed watching while they were in college. Yes, I am talking about The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Arrested Development, etc. Yes, that was a long time ago.

If you’re one to get easily offended by remarks on HIMYM, please don’t continue reading. If Friends is your dessert island series, you’ll hate me. I am serious! …

The beauty of the FAB formula is that it majorly focuses on the product or service. This formula is perfect for creating engaging copies from blogs to landing pages, ebooks, social media posts, and more.

In general, FAB copy mentions the product’s characteristics, highlights the advantages, and sells the benefits to the audience. This formula is helpful, especially while creating persuasive content for your business or personal blog.

Feature, advantage, benefit copywriting formula. FAB copy structure example.
author’s own image

FAB consists of three parts: Feature, Advantage, Benefit.

  • Feature: What does your product or service offer?
  • Advantage…

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