Think of a project you’re working on — a website, a landing page, an ad, or a video. Imagine being so confident about your copy that before it’s shared with the public, you know exactly how it’s going to be well-received.

Feels fantastic, doesn’t it?

The main driver for this…

“Wait, did I read that right? Can watching sitcoms make me a better Copywriter?”

Yep! You can become a better copywriter by binge-watching your favourite sitcoms.

Many copywriting teachers will ask you to spend your free time studying a case study, taking an online course, or reading a blog. But…

Confessions of an Advertising Man: A timeless guide for today’s marketers.

If you want your ads to be successful, read this book. The book offers copywriting and advertising tips that are still applicable today.

If you’re a copywriter or are interested in copywriting, you must’ve already heard about this book.

Confessions of an Advertising Man by David Ogilvy

Confessions of an advertising man by David ogilvy — a must-read book for all beginner copywriters

A timeless classic that provides advice on how to advertise successfully…

Here’s everything about readability scores and how you can leverage it to improve your content for better engagement.

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You just wrote a new article for your blog. You put a lot of effort into keyword research, wrote an attention-grabbing headline, and even included backlinks with a high domain rank. You implemented all those tedious and complicated SEO techniques. And you are getting the right number of views.


How Slack used the common enemy technique to build rapport with their audience and market their product. Finding a common enemy is one of the most powerful persuasion techniques in copywriting.

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Slack was launched in 2013. Back then, email was the gold standard everybody had to deal with. Dealing with lots of emails created problems. People were communicating through CC or BCC. Let’s admit, none of us wants them! And it only takes a couple of such emails to lose crucial…

The best headline David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising, has ever written:

At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in the new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock.

Anyone who read Confessions of an Advertising Man knows that Ogilvy claimed the headline he wrote for the famous Rolls-Royce print…

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The concept of plain oatmeal is similar to that of the concept of death.

You see, after death, there is nothing. Nothingness. People lose all their senses and all they can feel is nothing. Just plain nothing. That exactly is what eating plain oatmeal is like. It has no taste…

52% audience tend to visit a company’s About page when they first land on the homepage. The PAS formula is a great way to make your “About Us” page stand out.

Do people even read About pages?

You bet!

More visitors will see your About page compared with any other page on your website. They are one of the factors that drive the highest possible ROI for you!

Your audience is often more interested in knowing about your team than reading…

The “Above the fold” rule no longer applies! Stop following outdated rules and take a look at what you should absolutely avoid while building lead generation forms for your landing pages.

1. Don’t ask for too much information

The most common mistake copywriters make: asking too many questions in the lead generation forms. They want to know more about the audience before they can contact them.

Often, this leads to frustrated audiences who are hesitant to fill out the form. …

7 Tools No Copywriter Should Be Without

Copywriting is an art. But it has its own set of rules and techniques that can help you write high-converting copies. To write a good copy, one needs to understand these rules and techniques first. Mind you; these can make or break your conversion rates.

And second, one needs access…

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